Paul Spence

Senior Lecturer,
Climate Change Research Centre,
University of New South Wales,
Sydney, Australia, 2052

DECRA Fellow, Australian Research Council

Research Associate,
Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science
Ph: +61 2 9385 9766,
Fax: +61 2 9385 8969

Marine Terrestrial Interactions 2012 at the Bamfield Marine Science Center



  • My primary aim is to inspire scientific wonder in students by facilitating an appreciation for nature‚Äôs inherent beauty via physical and mathematical concepts. My teaching philosophy is heavily influence by my earlier career as an educator at the Sheldon Outdoor Education School. I strongly believe in a science based, experiential learning environment. In 2008 I was awarded the Andy Farquharson Award for excellence in teaching at the University of Victoria.

University of New South Wales

Bamfield Marine Science Center

  • MTI2012- Marine Terrestrial Interactions.
  • MTI2014- Marine Terrestrial Interactions.

University of Victoria