Paul Spence

Senior Lecturer,
Climate Change Research Centre,
University of New South Wales,
Sydney, Australia, 2052

DECRA Fellow, Australian Research Council

Research Associate,
Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science
Ph: +61 2 9385 9766,
Fax: +61 2 9385 8969

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Publications in Progress:

  • (1) Menviel, L., P. Spence, M. Chamberlain, R. Matear, K. Meisner, M. England 2018: Abrupt early deglacial atmospheric CO2 increase driven by Southern Hemisphere westerlies. Nature Communications, submitted.
  • (2) Thran, A. et al. 2018: AControls on the global distribution of contourite drifts: insights from an eddy-resolving ocean model. EPSL, revised.
  • (3) Walsh et al. 2018: Changes in ocean heat content caused by wave-induced mixing in a high-resolution ocean model. JPO, revised.